"Maybe I shouldn’t have put it in words."

Anne Sexton, from The Interrogation Of The Man Of Many Hearts (via c-ovet)

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"The film is an exploration of the soul, and ever since childhood, I have imagined the soul to be a damp membrane in varying shades of red."

Ingmar Bergman, explaining the use of red in his film “Cries And Whispers”. (via c-ovet)

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"There are losses which communicate a sublimity to the soul which makes it refrain from lamentation and go about in silence as though among tall black cypress trees."

Friedrich Nietzsche (via c-ovet)

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"There is nothing possible between us but honour and death."

G.K. Chesterton, The Man Who Was Thursday

"[O]ne trillion, trillion, trillion years from now, the accelerating expansion of the universe will have disintegrated the fabric of matter itself, terminating the possibility of embodiment. Every star in the universe will have burnt out, plunging the cosmos into a state of absolute darkness and leaving behind nothing but spent husks of collapsed matter. All free matter, whether on planetary surfaces or in interstellar space, will have decayed, eradicating any remnants of life…. [T]he stellar corpses littering the empty universe will evaporate into a brief hailstorm of elementary particles. Atoms themselves will cease to exist. Only the implacable gravitational expansion will continue, driven by the currently inexplicable force called ‘dark energy’, which will keep pushing the extinguished universe deeper and deeper into an eternal and unfathomable blackness."

Ray Brassier, Nihil Unbound  (via poeticsofdeath)


The Harbinger | Julianna Barwick

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"And one may well breathe a sigh of relief when one recognizes that it is nevertheless given to a few human beings to produce the most profound insights, more or less effortlessly, from the maelstrom of their own feelings, while we others constantly have to grope our way forward through agonizing insecurity."

Sigmund Freud, Civilization and Its Discontents


anouk vercouter
"For how hard it is
to understand the landscape
as you pass in a train
from here to there
and mutely it
watches you vanish."

W. G. Sebald, Across the Land and the Water: Selected Poems, 1964-2001 

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"I am profoundly enchanted by the flowing complexity in you."

John Keats, from a letter to Fanny Brawne dated 5 November 1820 

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by hollykimberley
"I’m always slightly disidentified from any given position. I don’t belong well in any established category; but I’m also not somebody who happily transcends them all."

Judith Butler